May 25, 2010

Still hope for print

Here are some quick stats about newspapers and their readers I picked up while in Toronto at the Canadian Newspaper Association and Canadian Community Association Ink and Beyond Conference. The associations did research with pollster Ipsos Reid to understand Canadians impressions of newspapers and their ads.

Newspapers are visited multiple times daily:

— Most (63 per cent) Canadians look at a newspaper more than once over the course of a day, getting an update in the morning and more specific information, such as TV listings, movies, weather and more, later.

— Another 16 per cent come back to the paper two or more times of a course of a day.

Newspapers last more than one day:

— Despite the perception a newspaper is read and then discarded that same day, 62 per cent of newspaper

readers indicate that they often keep sections or the entire paper for more than one day, as it provides on-going information, such as sport schedules, what’s on locally (where community activities are highlighted), special topical sections, movies, ads and other information.

Canadians trust newspaper ads:

— Consumers expect and accept ads in newspapers and, compared to other media, newspapers always score high on “most trustworthy for advertising.”

— In 2010, 63 per cent of readers indicated they trust the ads in newspapers.

Newspapers ads drive to online:

— Compelling ads in newspaper are driving 70 per cent of its readers to the Internet to find out more information about an ad.


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