Oct 3, 2009

week in tweets

Tweets from @mlampy (that's me!) from court last week:

  • A new week and a new shirt - white - for the man accused of murder. No eye contact as he's lead to the prisoner's box. #crime #grimtweets
  • I wonder what a bag of scalp looks like. Some people have the most unique/horrifying/interesting jobs.
  • I wonder how the tragically sad-looking teen felt as she talked about her dead mother in front of the man accused of murder.
  • 12 sat staring at a pic of a woman. Body half sunburnt, half white and bloated, snagged on a tree in the river. Her hair was falling out.
  • A female juror looked at the pic of holes in the dead woman's head. Lips pursed, brows furrowed, she glanced at the man accused of murder.
  • Why are sheriff's uniforms so squeaky?
  • Do you know a dead body's various stages of decomposition? I now do. Gross.
  • Six years after Heather Hamill slaying, murder trial begins: #kamloops #crime
  • Roe will get second murder trial in 2010: #kamloops #crime
  • Sting suspects back in court next week: #kamloops #crime
  • Robert Balbar sat, head left-leaning, motionless for two hours. He wore no shoes. Jury didn't look at the man accused of killing his g/f.
  • Stephen Roe's new shoes squeaked as he walked by. They were auburn brown. He gets a new trial in 2010 for stabbing David Holditch to death.
  • I spent the majority of my day in the company of two alleged murderers. Who's hungry? I sure am...


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