Oct 6, 2009

growing pains

OK, so my issue can be likened to "blogging" pains — a painful time period in which one grows and develops their blog self.
The problem: Finding a look for my blog that's really cool and represents my personality at the same time.
Sounds simple enough, but five months and at least a dozen different templates, I'm about ready to throw in the webpage towel.
It's not that there aren't thousands of super graphic and and really unique templates available — for free! — on the web, it's just that none of them are representative of me.
So, I've opted for a simple, three-column layout and replaced the header image with a photograph I took while in Victoria, B.C. this summer.
Here's the full version:

It's a window front of a store in Fan Tan Alley, which is the heart of B.C.'s oldest Chinatown. The pane is plastered with original concert posters dating back decades — it was a gorgeous melange of music's past.
This image, taken by yours truly, is more telling of who I am than any other mass-downloaded, copy-and-pasted template. Plus, it will forever remind me of that trip to the island — which was my first time out there — with my younger sister.
Additionally, it's a pretty grown-up looking site that will take some tinkering — so please bear with me as I blindly fiddle with HTML codes.
Hope you like the new look.


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